Emergency Start/Stop Button


Product features

The QM-AN-965E Emergency Start/Abort Switch provide an emergency start/stop control signal for the gas extinguisher. 

Non-polarity two-wire bus to make cabling easy, and avoid wrong wiring.

Supporting brackets is required for installing the emergency start/stop button.

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QM-AN-965E emergency start/stop button is mainly used to provide emergency start and stop control signals for gas fire extinguishing control panel. During normal state, the indicator (green) flashes. When the button fails, the failure indicator(yellow) remains on. When a fire occurs and the gas fire extinguishing system needs to be activated, please open the button protection cover and press the start button to provide a control signal (start), and the indicator (start) will light up at the same time. When it is confirmed that the fire has been controlled or the fire alarm is a false alarm which is still in the delay stage, the stop button can be pressed to interrupt the delay of the gas release, and the indicator will stop lighting while the start indicator will go out.

Technical Parameters:
Working voltage24V (pulse modulation)
Operating currentmonitoring state < 600uA, action state < 5mA
Contact capacity0.05A/12VDC
Wiring modenon-polarity two-bus (L1, L2)
Coding modeelectronic coding, address range 1 ~ 324 is optional
Start modemanually press the green start button (about 1s)
IndicatorStart indicator, will not lit under normal state, flashes after pressing down, and remains on after receiving the controller confirmation command.
Stop indicator, will not lit under normal state, flashes after pressing, and remains on after receiving the controller confirmation command.
Normal state indicator, the green indicator will flash during normal state. Fault indicator, when the button fault occurs, the yellow indicator remains on. 
Operating environmenttemperature 0 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95% (40 ℃ ± 2 ℃, no condensation) 
Compatible control panelGas fire extinguishing control panel

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