Gas Extinguishing Control Panel


Product features

To connect detectors by 2 loops, and our variety of conventional smoke detectors and heat detectors apply to JB-QBL-QM200E.

It’s available to preset 0-30seconds automatic delay for electromagnetic valve (electric detonator).

To provide standalone output port for electromagnetic drive, and support 3A(24V)starting current.

Keyboard lock password protection to prevent misoperation.

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  • The JB-QBL-QM200E fire alarm control panel/agent releasing control panel is developed and manufactured by Sanjiang. As a fire alarm controller with a gas fire extinguishing function, JB-QBL-QM200E has some functions and characteristics in full compliance with the requirements of national standards Fire Alarm Control Units (GB4717-2005) and Automatic.

  • Control System for Fire Protection (GB16806-2006). The JB-QBL-QM200E can be used with a local manual/auto control box, an emergency start/stop control box, a horn/strobe, a release indicator, an agent drop display panel, a starting air cylinder, an extinguish cylinder set and some other necessary items to form a complete alarm and gas fire extinguishing control system.

  • The JB-QBL-QM200E is mainly applied to the pipe network type or non-pipe network type high/low pressure CO2 fire extinguishing system, FM-200 (heptafluoropropane) fire extinguishing system, foam fire extinguishing system, gas-aerosol fire extinguishing system, IG541 (INERJEN) gas fire extinguishing system and other fire extinguishing systems using Halon alternatives (haloalkane). It can be mounted with a common switching value detector to realize fire detection and alarm, and its internal relay can control gas fire extinguishers as well as relevant alarm devices and linkages directly. It is extensively applied in places like computer rooms, reference rooms, switchboard rooms, transformer rooms, communication base stations, etc.

Technical Parameters:
Operating VoltageInput voltage:AC220V±20%,50Hz;Input power:≤120W Backup battery:DC24V;7.0AH(Consist of two DC12V7.0Ah in series battery),totally enclosed maintenance free battery
Operating currentOutput DC24V;Continuous operation:6A;Short term(less than 3 seconds):8A
Length of circuitTwo-wire bus ≤1000 meters
CapacityDetector circuits: 2, connect to conventional smoke detector and heat detector separately; Quantity of detectors for each circuit ≤20 units.
Circuit alarm threshold≤9.1V
Contact capacity of relayAll relay: 7A/24VDC
Output circuit current limitationElectromagnetic drive:≤3A;Other drive:≤1A
MaterialA3钢 steel
Operating environmentIndoors, Temperature -10℃~+55℃,relative humidity≤95%(40℃±2℃ non condensing)

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