Addressable photoelectric smoke detector


Product features

Built-in standalone CPU, quick calculating speed and excellent stability.

Non-polarity two-wire bus to make cabling easy, and avoid wrong wiring.

It adopts backward scattering maze and makes it more sensitive to detect the smoke generated from burning of different materials.

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  • JTY-GD-930E point type photoelectric smoke detector (Detector hereunder) is a kind of photoelectric smoke detector. With an internal microprocessor, it supports electronic coding and is accessed through a compatible fire alarm control panel (JB-QBL-MN/300E) via a two-wire bus. The detector realizes real-time acquisition of the in situ smoke concentration data and sends back the data to a fire alarm control panel. It can also receive and execute the control commands given by a fire alarm control panel.

  • The detector is suitable for such industrial and civil buildings that have a great deal of smoke during fires but no smoke under normal circumstances, such as restaurants, hotels, teaching buildings, office buildings, computer rooms, communication machine rooms, libraries and archives. It is not suitable for places with a great deal of retained dust and water mist, places where steam and/or oil mist may be generated and places with retained smoke under normal circumstances.

Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentIndoors, temperature: -10℃~+55℃;relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃,non condensing)
Operating VoltageTwo-wire bus 24V
Operating CurrentMonitoring:<0.3mA,Alarm:<1.5mA
IndicatorBlinks when polling, keeps on when alarming
WiringTwo-wire Bus
MountingTwo-wire Bus
DimensionDiameter 100mm, height 55mm
Matched Basestyle="font-size: 16px;">DZ-910
Protection AreaInstallation height: ≤12m, about 60m2
Addressable typestyle="font-size: 16px;">Addressable

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