Excellent quality goes international | High-tech Investment Sanjiang @ the 2023 Saudi (Riyadh) International Fire Protection Exhibition

Excellent quality goes international | High-tech Investment Sanjiang @ the 2023 Saudi (Riyadh) International Fire Protection Exhibition

DATE October 16 , 2023

Recently, one of the most important exhibitions in the security industry in the Middle East, the "2023 Saudi (Riyadh) International Fire Protection Exhibition", was grandly held in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. High-tech Investment Sanjiang has won the trust of Chinese and foreign exhibition customers with its excellent products, and leading technology. Displaying developed fire alarm systems and innovative solutions on a world-class stage demonstrates the advanced technology and brand strength of Chinese fire alarm companies.


High-quality products

At this exhibition, Hi-tech Investment Sanjiang will focus on displaying fire alarm and explosion-proof series products, the ECP1000 gas fire extinguishing system, and the SEC1000 automatic fire alarm system.

Fire alarm and explosion-proof products

Hi-tech Investment Sanjiang fire alarm and explosion-proof products have super load capacity and high explosion-proof levels. They have been tested and certified by national CNEX and 3C authoritative agencies. The manufacturing process is strict, and products are suitable for 1 Zone and 2 Zones hazardous places with explosion-proof requirements.


SEC1000 automatic fire alarm system

Hi-tech Investment Sanjiang SEC1000 automatic fire alarm system complies with European EN54 standards and has obtained certification. It has a new appearance design and is equipped with two-bus technology. It has complete functions and leading performance.


ECP1000 gas fire extinguishing system

Gaoxin Sanjiang ECP1000 gas fire extinguishing system is a fire protection product independently developed by HTI Sanjiang in response to the overseas markets' fire alarm regulations and needs. It has strong load capacity and high quality and is favored by many customers.


Multiple certifications demonstrate super strength

Hi-tech Investment Sanjiang's fire protection products have excellent performance and reliability, which ensure us provide high-quality services around the world. With lots of dependent technology intellectual property rights. The production lines and quality control systems strictly follow international standards and have obtained multiple LPCB (EU)/APPLUS (Spain)/COC (Middle East) certifications, demonstrating the comprehensive strength of the company. , won the recognition of the international market and customers.


At this exhibition, Hi-Tech Investment Sanjiang's booth attracted many industry customers and experts to visit and discuss. With cutting-edge technical support, efficient solutions, and perfect after-sales service, industry customers and experts gave high praise to Hi-tech Investment Sanjiang's professional strength and product equipment.