Exhibition | Shenzhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD. Made an appearance at Secutech Thailand

Exhibition | Shenzhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD. Made an appearance at Secutech Thailand

DATE November 21 , 2023

The Secutech Thailand was held from November 1 to 3. This high-profile international event brought together professionals from all over the world to discuss and display the latest fire protection technologies and innovative products. Shenzhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD. participated in the exhibition with brand new products to provide smarter, more reliable and efficient fire safety solutions for Thailand and neighboring areas.


Standing at the forefront of China's fire safety field, Shenzhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD.focuses on independent research and development and quality assurance of products, with production lines and quality control systems strictly following international standards. In response to the needs and applications of overseas markets in the field of fire alarms, SanJiang has independently developed the SEC1000 Automatic Fire Alarm System, ECP1000 Gas Extinguishing System, and SEC3002 Addressable Fire Alarm System, etc. The three systems were unveiled at the exhibition and received wide attention from the customers.


At the exhibition, representatives of SanJiang introduced the outstanding performance of the three systems in detail to the customers and shared their successful cases in the international market. The relevant products comply with the European EN54 standard and have already obtained relevant certifications. The systems are equipped with two-bus technology, with full basic functions and leading performance, and are able to quickly detect and respond to fire threats, providing comprehensive fire safety protection for multiple scenarios, such as commercial buildings, industrial facilities and residential areas.


SanJiang's self-developed products have been exported to Japan, EU member states, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Asia ,Africa and other more than 50 countries and regions, with high-quality products and services, continue to create greater value for international customers. In the future, SanJiang will continue to shoulder the responsibility of the national brand in the fire protection industry and make the voice of China heard.