Sanjiang unveils its new fire alarm system at the 2023 Secutech Vietnam

Sanjiang unveils its new fire alarm system at the 2023 Secutech Vietnam

DATE August 30 , 2023

On July 19, 2023, the Secutech Vietnam opened grandly at the Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi, Vietnam. As a pioneer in the field of fire alarm systems in China, Sanjiang made a remarkable appearance at the exhibition with its fire alarm systems such as SEC3002, SEC1000, and QM210. This garnered widespread attention from attending customers on the international stage, showcasing the strength and charm of Chinese fire safety national brands.


The Secutech Vietnam is the largest security and fire equipment and technology exhibition in Vietnam. With an exhibition area of approximately 9000 square meters, it gathers renowned companies from over 20 countries and regions. This year, Sanjiang continues to showcase outstanding products and technologies to numerous attending customers.


A variety of new products were showcased at the exhibition. During this event, Sanjiang presented several star products to industry professionals, covering areas such as fire alarm and firefighting control. These displays captured the attention of numerous attending customers and industry experts. Notably, the SEC1000 series product was highlighted. This is a new generation fire alarm system independently developed by Sanjiang specifically for overseas markets. It complies with the European EN54 standard and has obtained relevant certifications. The system features a brand-new exterior design and incorporates dual-bus technology. With comprehensive basic functionalities and high cost-effectiveness, it can be widely applied in various types of locations such as offices, warehouses, small supermarkets, small hotels, and restaurants.


Multiple certifications underscore the brand's strength. Sanjiang has consistently upheld a customer-centric approach, striving to provide stable, reliable, and durable products to its customers. The company has established a stringent quality management system, adhering closely to international standards. Its products have achieved multiple LPCB certifications, underscoring the enterprise's brand strength.


Facilitating market expansion through multifaceted communication. With a bustling crowd at the exhibition, Sanjiang engaged in extensive product introductions and case presentations to numerous industry professionals on-site, leveraging its high-quality products and services to contribute to local urban development. For instance, Sanjiang's involvement in Vietnam's inaugural fire protection project at the Regina Miracle Factory showcased the stability and superior quality of the addressable fire alarm system used. This system has created an intelligent and secure working environment for employees.