Teenagers in Nanshan district visited Sanjiang Exhibition Hall to enjoy the fun of learning fire safety knowledge

Teenagers in Nanshan district visited Sanjiang Exhibition Hall to enjoy the fun of learning fire safety knowledge

DATE December 13 , 2022

On November 27th, the Nanshan District Youth "Science Popularization to the Future" science tour research team walked into the exhibition hall of Sanjiang to carry out the theme of "Science and Technology Co-creation, Science 'Children' Travel. Enjoy a Safe and Fun Life".

The event was hosted by Shenzhen Nanshan District Science and Technology Association, organized by Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Office and Sanjiang. 11 groups of parent-child families in Nanshan District participated in the event, learning about advanced fire technology and fire protection knowledge together. The event expected to improve the interest and enthusiasm of young people to explore science.


Edutainment, unlocking popular science fun. In order to stimulate the interest of young people in learning, this activity adopts the form of combining learning and games, and sets up multiple game links such as quizzes, simulation experiments, and puzzle challenges in the process. At the beginning of the event, the host played an interesting fire science popular animation to help teenagers and parents understand fire safety common sense in a vivid form, and aroused the curiosity of teenagers about fire alarm technology.

With their thirst for knowledge in unknown areas, the teenagers visited the exhibition hall of Sanjiang under the guidance of the docent, and deeply understood the cutting-edge fire technology in the industry. The docent talked about the development history and advanced technology of Sanjiang, and introduced the common fire safety facilities and application scenarios in life such as automatic fire alarm system and emergency evacuation system.


Founded in 1985, Sanjiang is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research and development of intelligent fire alarm equipment in China. Sanjiang developed and manufactured China's first generation of ion smoke detectors and the first ultra-large-capacity automatic fire alarm system. With nearly 40 years of development, Sanjiang has accumulated rich technology and experience, independent research and development and won the national invention patent EPC-BUS two-bus technology. In the load capacity, alarm response time, detection accuracy, Sanjiang are in the leading position. A variety of products have been used in Shenzhen Civic Center, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Zhuhai Port and other buildings, escort people's daily life.


During the activity, the docents helped the teenagers consolidate the fire protection knowledge they learned today through prize questions and answers. In the warm atmosphere, the teenagers actively participated in the group to improve their teamwork ability in the game.


Sanjiang actively practices the spirit of public welfare, and has provided professional fire safety knowledge popularization activities for the public for many years. This theme of popular science research is both interesting and informative, strengthening the fire safety awareness of young people and exploring their interest in cutting-edge science and technology. In the future, Sanjiang will continue actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, carry out more forms of activities, and popularize fire protection knowledge to more people.