Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wireless sounder visual indicator


Product features

Sounder/ visual indicator setting freely, and it is suitable for different environment.

With super bright red LED as source that features marked, long lifespan, and low consumption.

Special production process to ensure it could work at high temperature, high humidity and high altitude environment.

ESD static protection rating 12000V, and has strong anti-interference ability.

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SG-691 wireless fire sound and light alarm (hereinafter referred to as sound and light alarm) is a built-in wireless communication module of the sound and light alarm. In the normal monitoring state, the indicator light flashes green 36S once. In case of fire accident, the audible and visual alarm will act after receiving the starting command of the controller, and the indicator light will always go on red. The audible and visual alarm will send out dazzling red flashing signal and piercing sound alarm signal, which will quickly remind the scene personnel of the fire and take measures to evacuate as soon as possible to avoid serious accidents. Press the "Reset" key on the controller to restore the monitoring state of the acousto-optic alarm. The sound and light alarm is standard equipped with DC3V non-rechargeable lithium manganese battery pack, or dc3.7V rechargeable lithium battery pack, with low power consumption and battery voltage detection circuit, resulting in battery undervoltage.

Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentIndoors, temperature -10℃~+50℃,relative humidity ≤95%(40℃±2℃ without condensation)
Operating VoltageDC24V±20%
Operating currentaction status<120mA
Status indicator lightBlinks usually, and keeps on lighting when alarming
Wiring modeTwo-wire Bus
Blinking rateonce/second
Installation positionWall-mounted or Pre-embedded from ground 1.8m
Alarming Volume>85dB ( Dead ahead 3m)

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