LORAWAN Wireless System

LoRaWAN wireless somke detector


Product features

With a built-in high volume buzzer, it can release a sound alarm above 80 dB

It can send the information to "SANJIANG Cloud" based on the LoRaWAN protocol.

With separate CPU controlling, it can identify the smoke and alarm intelligent.

It is an ideal option for residence, coffee shop, leisure and entertainment places.

It adopts 9V lithium battery, and can work for 3 years with low power consumption.

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  • JTY-GD-H605 independent smoke detector (Detector hereunder) is a smoke sensing detector. While monitoring, the green indicator blinks per 60 seconds. When the concentration of the smoke reaches the set point, the detector will emit an audible‘Didi tick’repeatedly and the red indicator on the detector will remain on during the audible signal. The detector can revert to the normal condition when the concentration of the smoke goes lower than the set point. And it includes self-check and battery low power indicate function. The state of the detector can be sent to Sanjiang Cloud Platform based on the international LORAWAN standard protocol. For details of the detector access platform mode and status information, see the Sanjiang Cloud Platform related manual.

  • The detector is applicable in places where fire might generate volume smoke, i.e. in industrial and civil buildings such as in the restaurant, hotel, teaching building, office building, computer room, archives and stack room.

Technical Parameters:
Power supply:DC 9V lithium battery
Operating frequency:EU868 US915 AS923 CN470 
Monitoring current:﹤10μA
Alarm current﹤120mA
Indicator:Three-color (green: normal; red: fire alarm; yellow: failed)
Alarm volume:﹥ 80dB (measured 3m in front of the alarm)
Operating Temperature Range-10℃~+50℃
Relative humidity: 
≤95%(40℃, no condensation)
External dimensions:106 mm(Diameter) x 46 mm(Height)
Material/color:ABS White
Weight:approximately 162g
Mounting hole distance:52-70mm
Standard:GB 20517-2006
Protection area:≥40m2

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