Exhibition | ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD. debuts at the 2024 Bangladesh International Fire Exhibition

Exhibition | ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD. debuts at the 2024 Bangladesh International Fire Exhibition

DATE February 19 , 2024

The Bangladesh International Fire Protection Exhibition 2024 kicked off on February 17th, and this high-profile international event brings together professionals from all over the world to discuss and showcase the latest fire protection technologies and innovative products. As a leader in the domestic fire protection industry, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD.was invited to attend this event to show the latest fire protection products and technological achievements to the world.


Since its establishment, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD.has been committed to the R&D and innovation of fire protection electronic products and technologies. At the Bangladesh International Fire Protection Exhibition, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD. displayed its self-developed products such as SEC1000 Automatic Fire Alarm System, ECP1000 Gas Extinguishing System, and SEC3002 Addressable Fire Alarm System, which received wide attention from the customers and contributed to the development of the global fire protection industry.


Excellent products gathered the spotlight on the scene. As the classic product line of ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD., SEC1000 Automatic Fire Alarm System complies with European EN54 standard, with new appearance design and equipped with two-bus technology, which has full functions and leading performance. Under the product introduction and technical explanation of the on-site staff, many industry customers and experts stopped by SanJiang’s booth to exchange and discuss, who also gained a deeper understanding of Sanjiang's professional strength and products.



Chinese SanJiang is the great country's fire protection enterprise.This exhibition is not only an important opportunity to show the technical strength of SanJiang, but also an important platform to strengthen international cooperation and exchange. Through in-depth exchanges with fire protection experts and enterprises from all over the world, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD.continuously learns from international experience and promotes the continuous innovation and development of fire protection technology. In the future, ShenZhen HTI Sanjiang Electronics Co.,LTD.will continue to work together with global partners to move towards a new journey in the fire protection industry.