Alarm and Monitoring System for Electric Fire Protection

Alarm and Monitoring System for Electric Fire Protection

DATE September 03 , 2020

1.Solution overview

DH500 electronic fire monitor system is our new generation of electronic fire monitor device, which can work with SANJIANG other products to compose of electronic fire monitor system flexibly, and can keep the electricity safety and prevent electronic fire from happening. This surveillance device is widely used in hazardous things place, high-rise building, public place and residence etc.

2.Technical introduction


3. System features

  • With new generation of high speed micro programming, the speed of data processing has improved 100 times compared to traditional technology, and the data storage capacity has improved 100 times as well.

  • 4.3” LCD, and the resolution is 430×272; 

  • Windows-like operation interface which is easy for learning

  • With standard panel and keyboard, USB computer keyboard, and mouse for on-site programming.

  • With non-polarity two-wire bus, and one monitor device can connect up to 324 monitor detector. The addresses of remaining current monitor detector or temperature monitor detector can be mixed coding, 1-324# optional. 

  • Support 20 JB-QBL-DH500 networking, the maximum capacity after networking is: 20×324=6480 monitoring points 

  • System operation historical recording function: historical alarming, historical faults, historical linkage, historical operation has 1000 messages separately.

  • Support manual single point start/stop function, which is convenient for commissioning. 

  • Support detector/module single point testing function, and detector work state and testing data is clear,

  • Equipped with micro printer (hereinafter referred to as printer), which can print system alarm, starting, feedback, faults messages etc. at real time.

  • Can realize urban networking by connecting with PC.

  • System support multiple classes users, different class users have different operation limitation, which is convenient for system management.

  • The system software can be upgraded on-site, and promise the system can work stably and reliably.