Fire Alarm System (EN54)

Fire alarm control panel


Product features

LPCB and CPR approval.

324 addresses for one loop or 510 addresses for two loops.

4.3’’ color screen LCD, resolution of 480×272.

Zone indication and control panel for 32 zones gives a quick indication of the location of an alarm.

Record capacity of 1000 historical events with date/time stamp.

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  • The purpose of the SEC3002 Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) is to monitor input signals, give indications and possibly activate outputs as programmed. It is designed to comply with EN54-2 with qualities of simple installation, operation and easy maintenance.

  • The SEC3002 panel is an addressable fire detection panel with 1 loop of 324 addressable points and expansion capabilities. It is compatible with other peripherals made by Sanjiang with its own protocol.

  • The panel is supplied with a mental detachable exterior door, a metal front panel for operation and display, a metal back box and functional PCBs. Space is available inside the panel for the rated capacity of VRLA backup batteries, an optional communication board and additional loop board if applicable.

  • Commissioning is the setting to work of the panel after completion of all the installation and connection work. It includes registering and test of detectors and modules, setup of the zone indication and control panel, C&E programming and etc. All these functions are only available at access level 3

Technical Parameters:
Mains supply

230VAC (-15%, +10%). 47~63Hz. Max current 0.8A

Mains fuseT3.15AL250V


Max. capacity 2×12V/17Ah; Min. capacity 2×12V/12Ah VRLA.

Max. charging current1.2A
Max. internal resistance of battery1.5Ω

F.A.Out (+, -)

Output voltage 18.5~30VDC; Max. output current 0.5A; End of line resistor 4.7KΩ

F.P.E.Out (+, -)

Output voltage 18.5~30VDC; Max. output current 0.5A; End of line resistor 4.7KΩ

S.C.Out (+, -)Output voltage 18.5~30VDC; Max. output current 0.5A; End of line resistor 4.7KΩ
Fault Out (NC, COM, NO)

Contact capacity 30VDC@2A, 125VAC@0.5A

24VK (+, -)Output voltage 18.5~30VDC;Max. output current 0.6A
Class Change (+, -)Programmable input terminal. Shorting this terminal can enable S.C.Out
Loop Out (+, -)Polarized signal cable from the FACP connects to 324 addressable devices
Loop In (+, -)Polarized signal cable returns to the FACP

Humidity≤95% (40℃±2℃, no condensation)

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