LORAWAN Wireless System

LoRaWAN wireless sounder visual indicator


Product features

Sounder/visual indicator setting freely, and it is suitable for different environment.

Three types of power supply: DC3.7V rechargeable battery pack, DC3V normally battery pack, or 24V Power Adapter.

With super bright white LED as source that features marked, long lifespan, and low consumption.

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  • The wireless sound beacon (hereinafter referred to as “the sound beacon”), is matched with LoRaWAN system products, incorporates a built-in wireless communication module. In operating mode, indicator (green) flashes every 30s. If fire breaks out, indicator (red) remains on, and provides an alert signal or evacuation signal (audio & visual) while receiving alarm signal from host. The sound beacon could be reset on SANJIANG Cloud app.

  • The sounder beacon could be installed in high-rise flats, public area, hotel, factory, mall, hospital, etc. Especially suitable for poor visibility or somggy circumstance.

Technical Parameters:
Working voltage: 
Main power: DC 24V; Backup power: DC 3.7V
Operating frequencyEU868 US915 AS923 CN470
Monitoring current:<15 mA @ DC 24V
Alarm current:<85 mA @ DC 24V
Normal status:The green LED will flash about every 30 seconds.
Lowpower status:The red LED will flash about every 30 seconds.
Alarm status or test status:The red LED will remain on.
Flashing frequency:1 Hz~2 Hz
Alarm volume:75 dB ~ 120 dB
Operating temperature: 


Relative humidity: ≤95%(40℃, no condensation)
Standard:GB 26851-2011

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