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5 year standalone smoke alarm


Product features

Powered by 9V Iithium battery,and low power that can continuous work for up to five years.

No wiring required.

Photoelectric smoke sensing device.When a fire occurs,it can detect smoke and alarm quickly.

Self checking function and power undervoltage indication.

Long lifespan of 5 years. 

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  • JTY-GD-H366 standalone photoelectric smoke fire detector (hereinafter referred to as "detector") is a household type of photoelectric smoke fire alarm detector, which can detect the alarm adopts CPU control, which can intelligently judge the smoke produced during the fire and give the alarm. Detector adoption photoelectric smoke devices and excellent production technology, stable work, beautiful appearance, no debugging, can be widely used in residential, leisure hall, coffee shop, dance and so on.

  • Place fire safety alarm monitoring. The detector is built in with a high-volume buzzer, which gives off a high-decibel sound after alarm. Unique three - color indicator light indicates the alarm states. The detector uses 9V lithium battery power supply, low power consumption, continuous working time up to five years. It has self-check function and power undervoltage prompt function.

Technical Parameters:
Power supply9V lithium (CP9V)
Electric currentMonitoring current≤7μA,alarm current<25mA
Indicatortri-color light (Green means normal, red means alarm, yellow means fault)
Alarm Volume> 80db (at dead ahead 3 meters)
Operating environmenttemperature: -10℃~+55℃, relative Humidity: ≤95% (40℃, non condensation)
Outline Dimensiondiameter 110mm, height 39mm (including base)
Tooling material/colorABS/white
WeightAround 166g
Mounting hole distance51.5~71.5mm
CertificationGB 20517-2006
Protection Area≥40㎡

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