Mr. Li Qinglong of the China Astronaut Research and Training Center took a team to visit Fanhai Sanjiang

Mr. Li Qinglong of the China Astronaut Research and Training Center took a team to visit Fanhai Sanjiang

DATE December 04 , 2020

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On November 12, Fanhai Sanjiang Enterprise Exhibition Hall welcomed a distinguished guest-Mr. Li Qinglong. Mr. Li Qinglong was the first group of astronauts in China to obtain the "International Astronaut" certificate, and he trained a batch of astronauts, and was also the coach of the space hero Yang Liwei. who for China's space industry. The director of the Spacesuit Engineering Research Office of China Astronaut Center Mr. Xi Linbin accompanied the visit and exchanged views on the individual safety protection equipment research and development projects that the two sides are cooperating with, and imagined the cooperation and interaction that the two sides can develop in other fields.

The China Astronaut Research and Training Center is a comprehensive research institution that combines medicine and engineering in the field of manned spaceflight in China. As one of the main participating units of the national manned space project, the center undertakes astronaut selection training, medical supervision and medical support, spacecraft environmental control and life support system development, space suit and space food development, large-scale ground simulation test and training equipment development and many other important tasks. In 2016, Fanhai Sanjiang and the China Astronaut Research and Training Center jointly established the "Environmental Control and Life Support Technology Research Center" to promote the civilization of space technology. The two parties have achieved significant strategic cooperation results through the joint development of the "Individual Safety Protection Equipment" project.


Accompanied by senior leaders of Fanhai Sanjiang, the delegation learned in detail about the outstanding achievements of Fanhai Sanjiang's products, technologies, and markets in corporate exhibition hall. After the visit, the delegation gave a high degree of recognition and evaluation of Fanhai Sanjiang's comprehensive corporate strength.

Fanhai Sanjiang fire escape protective clothing is a civilian safety protection equipment jointly developed by Fanhai Sanjiang and China Astronaut Training Center based on their respective technical advantages. The product fully absorbs some of the advanced technology of China's space suit, and can withstand a flame temperature of 800℃ in a short time. Through its own filtering breathing device, it provides integrated and comprehensive protection from head to toe. Compared with professional fire protection equipment, the product has the advantages of less weight and more flexible wearing and action, effectively ensuring the safety of personnel escape, and realizing the civilianization of professional safety products.


As a national high-tech enterprise and a headquarters company in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Fanhai Sanjiang has actively undertaken social responsibilities for many years, and gave full play to its own and cooperative research and development advantages to continuously inject new vitality into the development of China's fire protection industry, and create fire protection products with leading technology and excellent quality. In the future, Fanhai Sanjiang will continue to strengthen the in-depth cooperation with the China Astronaut Research and Training Center, further realize the civilian application of professional-grade safety products, and promote the integrated development of military and civilian technological innovation.