Escort "Longjiang Silk Road Belt" | Sanjiang Fire Alarm is applied in the Ha-Jia Railway

Escort "Longjiang Silk Road Belt" | Sanjiang Fire Alarm is applied in the Ha-Jia Railway

DATE December 18 , 2020


The new Harbin-Jiamen railway is a national key project and a key construction project of the national "medium and long-term railway network planning". The line leads from Harbin Station and passes through Binxian, Fangzheng, Yilan and Jiamusi along the south bank of the Songhua River. The main line is mainly used for passenger transport and freight transport. The main line has a total length of about 343km, a design speed of 200 kilometers per hour, and a total investment of 36.05 billion yuan. There are 14 stations on the whole line: Harbin-Bin Northwest-Bin West East-Binzhou-Shengli Town-Shuanglong Lake-Fangzheng-Demoli-Gaoleng-Dalianhe-Yilan-Hongkeli-Ping'an Tun -Jiamusi.The main line is mainly used for passenger transport and freight transport.

The completion of the new Harbin-Jiamusi Railway will shorten the journey from Harbin to Jiamusi from 7 hours to 2.5 hours, and help Longjiang Dadi to achieve a major leap from the "general speed era" to the "high-speed era", which will promote the economic development of the northeastern region of Heilongjiang. It is of great significance to ensure the smooth rear passage of the Sino-Russian port railway and escort the construction of the "Longjiang Silk Road Belt".

High-speed railway station buildings combine the functions of ticketing, riding, and waiting with a huge flow of people, a huge construction area, and special fire hazards.On the one hand, high-speed railway stations and along the lines are densely equipped for driving, dispatching, signaling, and communication, and there are many electric facilities such as traction power systems and power transformation and distribution systems. Once the equipment fails, it is easy to cause unforeseen fires. Therefore, strict requirements are put forward on the sensitivity, stability and reliability of the fire alarm system. The automatic fire alarm system of Fanhai Sanjiang adopts special fire alarm and automatic fault information uploading technology. After a fire occurs, the response time of the host is only 1.5 seconds which can avoid further expansion of the fire, create valuable time of emergency evacuation of on-site personnel and linkage fire suppression control systems and meet the needs of high-speed rail stations, libraries, museums and other public buildings in terms of fire alarm system construction.

Up to now, Fanhai Sanjiang has successfully constructed many typical project cases in Heilongjiang Province, such as the Provincial Security Department, Harbin State Taxation Bureau, Harbin Railway Institute, Harbin Software Park, Jiamusi Central Hospital, and Mudanjiang Municipal Government. Profound industry accumulation and good market reputation are the important factors for Fanhai Sanjiang to win the favor of Party A in the fierce market competition.