Smart Analytics System for residence community

DATE August, 21, 2016


As the information technology development, Video Surveillance system only covered the video function can not meet the customer requirement, so our company developed the customized intelligence analysis system, which covered the Internet Video surveillance function and fire alarm linkage function

2.System topological graph

The solution win customer favor, which is suitable for residential community,supermarket, hospital, gymnasium, station and somewhere places with dense population. Once the fire, the monitoring system can figure out the site situation, and timely handle to avoid the unnecessary lost.


(1)Install the smoke detector, manual call point and the related linkage device at the key position

(2)When there is alarm, the signal feedback will convert to the fire alarm control panel

(3)The sound strobe will alarm , and the linkage system will send information to the monitor system. 

(4)Once the monitor system got message, the linkage camera is real time monitoring and recording, the picture is showed in the TV Wall, which will assist the security staff to confirm the fire situation

(5)The system is automatically design, with high work speed, which is suitable for the intelligence security project.


(1)Professional: With more than 30 years experience in fire alarm researching and producing, we can provide the customized and comprehensive NETWORKING system

(2)Quality service: With the large scale service team and well-developed network,  which will save your trouble of system maintenance and upgrading.

(3)Steady: The fire alarm system and surveillance system is developed by our R&D team, which is featured with  advanced automatically fire alarm patent, and the steady system 

(4)Convenience: It is easy to install, which is complied to our 2100/9000/9100 series fire alarm control panel,  without the extra work, you can achieve “Networking+Surveillance+Fire alarm” system

(5)Timely: Take A1600 integrated surveillance structure, which improve the computing speed to meet the complicated “logic linkage”, it can real time respond multiple alarm signal,  which will save more time to the rescue work. 

(6)Cost Effective: As the intelligence system application is becoming more and more popular, the combination system is suitable for new construction and reformatory project, which is the cost effective solution to maximum the investment valu  


Shenzhen Futian disease prevention center.

Pan Hailafei garden two.

Zhongshan Xingbao garden.