V3 Intelligence building video doorphone system

DATE August, 21, 2017


V3 Intelligence building video doorphone system is designed for the Chinese Residential application, which is belonged to V-HOME Brand and integrated the Fanhai Sanjiang Fire Alarm and Security experience. Based on Differential signaling and CAT5E transmission technology 3.0 Intelligence building  

 Hebei, Qinhuangdao, on the water side (using the V3 Series 7 inch color extension)

2.System structure 

(1) Control the lock by video door phone system:

a. Visitor can contact indoor extension set through outdoor door phone machine. Input the       housing number, which can connect the indoor extension, the host can catch the visitor picture, and communicate with visitor, and control the door lock

b. The host and visitor can communicate with the administrator by door phone machine, and open the door.

c. The Host can communicate with administration by door phone system.

(2)  Open the door by entrance card: Out of the house, the host can open the door by entrance card.

(3)  Security alarm: Security indoor extension, which is access to emergency button, door magnetic, window magnetic, fuel gas alarm and some related security device, When the indoor alarm trigger, the extension machine will sound alarm, and send the alarm information to the control center.

(4)  Smart home control: Indoor extension machine can control KNXsmart home control device, such as Lighting, curtains.

(5)  Others: Indoor extension machine function play digital photo framework, MP3 and alarm clock.


(1)Based on advantage of R&D, manufacture, Marketing and project design in Fire Alarm, Video surveillance and building communication system,  Sanjiang  is the first supplier which can makeFire Alarm, Video surveillance and building communication system linkage. When the fire alarm trigger, the Control center can reconfirm by the Video Surveillance system, once confirmed, the administrator can inform the proprietor  evacuation information by voice and picture.

(2)The same series products is compatible,Support extension exchange without extra wiring.

(3)It supports multichannel.

(4)Integrated Flushbonading entrance guard design, no need rewiring.

(5)Unit machine take OLED Display, which can clear discern under a direct link. The working temperature can reach Minus 40 degree. 

(6)Multilayer circuit design  ,SMT Technology and high integrated, which also function  antijamming capability.

(7)All product circuit take  three-protection process, which isolate  the electron component and circuit board with air, ensure the device steady operation.

(8)Unite machine function with anti-dismantle, when the device is dismantled illegally , it will send alarm info to the Control center.

(9)Unite machine function camera angular adjustment without dismantle, under the low temperature, the device inner wiring become weak, this function will avoid repeated dismantle and protect inner cable breakage.

(10)Unite machine function delayed alarm, when the door opening time is exceed the setting, it will send alarm info to the control center,  keep off the stranger.

(11)Unit machine is IP54 and IK07  Protection grade.

4.Success stories

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