Video Surveillance Integration for Large Chain Supermarket

Video Surveillance Integration for Large Chain Supermarket

DATE February, 19, 2017

1. General
As the pace of city life is faster and faster, chain supermarket with complete functions and full goods becomes important places for city dwellers to consume instead of traditional department stores. Therefore, a lot of chain stores are established here and there, facing complex surroundings. In that case, there will be many problems for management of the stores for lack of supervisors. So the most important thing for such companies is how to manage those stores located different places efficiently and effectively.
Closed circuit television system (called CCTV system for short) is used fully to help supervisors get real-time monitoring and to prevent various potential risks. What is more, videos installed on checkout counters can not only check customers but also cashiers to eliminate financial problems.
2. Technical Overview
The solution adopts a long-distance network based on specific requirements of chain stores to implement all-level monitoring. An overall monitoring center is set at headquarters so as to monitor the state of every store at random. System connection is shown below.

Front cameras are connected to the layer switch through UTP (unshielded twisted pair). All video from cameras are transmitted through the cables.  
Visual signals only are transmitted through the cable to back-end devices for monitoring. In this way, it is convenient to control the whole system.
If multi-stores require to be controlled together, a complete set of monitoring system should be installed on each store to connect with the overall monitoring center at headquarters through a specific network. Finally, LAN (local area network) covering the whole company is created.
The solution has control accesses for different level clients. Unless given the authority from the upper level, each store can monitor activities of its own in real time. If history videos are needed for reviewing, overall monitoring center should grant the authority. Microphone can be installed on the place where requires to focus on, so that the overall monitoring center can talk and talk back in real time.
3. Features
Commodity Information overlays (different goods information are displayed on the monitor)Clients Access Control (customized accesses are easy for integrated management)A1600 integration monitoring panel has powerful functions with reliabilities and stabilities.Adopting H.264 coding technology to save wide band and ensure clear image.Installed IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) is easy for central management and operation.
4. Success Stories
Renrenle Supermarket.
Shirble Department Store.
Lotus Supermarket.
Trust-mart Supercenter.