Intelligent Community Residential Systems

Intelligent Community Residential Systems

DATE February, 19, 2017


Adopting a variety of innovations in cyberspace, internet and information domain, the Intelligent Community Residential Systems have become an integrated application system that is based on Internet Technology. As it develops its expertise in Information Exchange, Interoperability and Value-added Services, the multi-platform application system offers better security precautions and comfortable living environment for people.

The Intelligent Community Residential Systems have the following features.
Broadband network can be connected to every house for all kinds of information exchanging.
Networked smart home system makes customers in a better position to enjoy value-added services caused by internet application.
Intelligent Property Management System (PMS) make central management and zone control available for electromechanical equipment.
Real-time monitoring for the community, entrances and exits, collecting messages to generate dynamic data.
Energy metrological management.

2.Technical Overview

A structuralized digital information transmission system according to the Code for Intelligent System can connect phones, computers, video conferencing and surveillance equipment, by utilizing twisted pair and fiber. Digital Video Intercom System identifies and verifies guests, reports alarm signals, sets/cancels working mode for alarm system, and gives monitoring, calling, unlocking and so on. Image storing and exchanging, and resources integration and sharing can be implemented by advanced digital coding/decoding technology, broadband network technology, compression and storage technology.
The Intelligent Community Residential Systems are fundamentally equipped with the fronIP cameras, fiber optic communication network, large digital control panel.
Technologically, application of intelligent community residential system is integrated mostly. In addition to applications of advanced computers, communications, networking technology such as TCP / IP network, MPEG4 / H.264 CODEC, DSP, B / S framework, large databases, WEB server / SIP server / streaming media server, disk array storage, Fanhai Sanjiang offers value-added functions including remote monitoring, home security, smart home, information bulletins, VOD, digital picture frames, weather forecast, public transport inquiries, stock market, and stand-alone games.


Providing value-added services and multi-system integrated application via Internet (Internet of Things, Cloud Platforms, Big Database).
The video intercom system adopts intelligent recognition technology, intelligent control technology and automatic alarm control technology, and information release technology.  Relevant data integrated by a host is sent to individuals via network or WIFI.
Customers wherever they are, are able to browse those required messages received by a mobile phone sent from the property through 3G/4G network.
The data of video surveillance can be managed through a Unified Computing System (UCS). So mobile APP helps residents understand the housing conditions through the cloud storage services.
Mobile APP installed intelligent software can submit patrolling and positioning messages in real time. The monitoring center not only can exactly locate their patrol route but also ask them to turn back field images while security staff is going to default patrolling points or those optional points.
Improving safety and security in a random route or accordance to the plan.

4.Success Stories

Laffite Garden Phase Ⅱ