Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

MN 3010 runs up to 50/ 100/ 200/ 324 addresses with single loop, detectors and modules report alarm signal actively. Three adjustable sensitivity modes for environmental variations, it is ideal to meet various environment requirements in any area,suitable for small or medium sized commercial and industrial premises. With this robust, enhanced and proved Sanjiang DigitalSystems Protocol running for ten years, the control panel MN 3010 epitomize quality, durability and reliability. Further more, MN3010 can be networked to become part of much larger systems if needed, therefore providing a future proof solution for any installation.

Fully compliant with CCC (the Chinese standard for Fire alarm Systems), the MN 3010 is an entry level intelligent addressable control panel which can be configured for 1 loop operation. Circuit is equipped by optional addressing points, addresses and device types identified automatically, also designed to reduction of the equipment cost. The simplicity of operation, detailed cause and effect programming capability and competitive pricing make the system suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized projects.

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