LORAWAN Wireless System

LoRaWAN wireless Combustible gas detector



  1.  With the excellent performance of the MCU, the detector is stable, long lifespan, easy to install.

  2.  Combustible gas detector has a high quality thick film metal oxide semiconductors, screen printed gas sensor which can detect the leakage of combustible gases in houses, industries, hotels, apartments.

  3.  Support the real voice and buzzer alarming. The voice content will be varied with the concentration of the leakage of gas.

  4.  Detector can connect to SANJIANG Cloud through LORAWAN standard.

Technical Parameters:
Working Voltage:AC 220 V
Power Consumption:Normal monitoring ≤2W; Power on and alarm status≤5W
Operating Temperature:0℃~55℃
Relative Humidity:≤95%, non condensation
Applicable Gas:Methane (Natural gas
Alarm Setting Value:5%LEL
The Whole Measuring Range:0%LEL~15%LEL
Alarm Volume:70 dB~115 dB
Response Time:≤30S, self-recovery
Working Life:≥5 years ( in clean air )
Weight:Around 120g
Outline Dimension:136mm×93mm×54mm, housing material: plastic
Installation Method:Wall-mounted