LORAWAN Wireless System

LoRaWAN wireless somke detector



  1.  With a built-in high volume buzzer, it can release a sound alarm above 80 dB

  2.  It can send the information to "SANJIANG Cloud" based on the LoRaWAN protocol.

  3.  With separate CPU controlling, it can identify the smoke and alarm intelligent.

  4.  It is an ideal option for residence, coffee shop, leisure and entertainment places.

  5.  It adopts 9V lithium battery, and can work for 3 years with low power consumption.

As a residential type photoelectric smoke detector and alarm, JTY-GD-H605 independent photoelectric smoke detector and alarm (“alarm”) can detect the smoke during a fire and send an alarm signal in time. When it gives fire/fault alarm, the alarm signal will also be reported on the mobile terminals with SanJiang Cloud App via LORAWAN module and cloud server. Thanks to its excellent production technology, the alarm is nice, operates stably and needs no debugging. It can be widely used for the fire monitoring and alarming of places including houses, leisure halls, coffee houses, dance halls, etc.

Its built-in high-volume buzzer sounds loudly following an alarm. The unique LEDs in three colors indicate different alarm status. With a 9V lithium battery, the alarm has quite small power consumption and can operate continually for up to one and a half years. The alarm can realize self check and low power reminding.

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Technical Parameters:
Power supply:DC 9V lithium battery
Operating frequency:EU868 US915 AS923 CN470 
Monitoring current:﹤10μA
Alarm current﹤120mA
Indicator:Three-color (green: normal; red: fire alarm; yellow: failed)
Alarm volume:﹥ 80dB (measured 3m in front of the alarm)
Operating Temperature Range-10℃~+50℃
Relative humidity:
≤95%(40℃, no condensation)
External dimensions:106 mm(Diameter) x 46 mm(Height)
Material/color:ABS White
Weight:approximately 162g
Mounting hole distance:52-70mm
Standard:GB 20517-2006
Protection area:≥40m2