Fire Emergency Lighting System

Emergency power supply for fire emergency luminaire


It can monitor the main power and backup power working and fault status.

It can display the input/output voltage, the input current, and the backup battery voltage.

It can communicate with the control panel, and upload its status to the Host, realizing the function of monitoring the emergency power from the host.

It carries out yearly battery checking on its remaining power, and monthly checking on its conversion performance.

It support manual self-checking, which can check the remaining power of the battery and its conversion performance at anytime.

Protection system to prevent error operation from unauthorized person.

Each emergency power supply can connect/monitor 4 units of power distribution equipment for fire emergency lighting system.

Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentIndoor:-10°C ~ 55°C,relative humidity: ≤95%(40°C±2°C,no condensation)
Operating voltageAC220V±10%/50Hz
Output currentDC 24V
Output current10A
Backup power supplyEmergency period of battery > 90 min
Charging period< 24H
Communication portRS485
Protective levelIP30
Mounting methodWall-mounted
StandardGB17945-2010 (Chinese CCCF)