Fire Emergency Lighting System

Central control panel for fire emergency luminaire


19 inch of LCD. Built-in industrial specific computer.

Can locate the fire alarm site and program the escape route automatically.

Based on Windows OS, the Menu and windows interface is user-friendly, which will promote commissioning.

The system supports the DXF format, and takes the vector graph to display the status, which can be zoomed up to check.

Equipped with the Micro-printer, which can print the system working status in 

The multi-level user setting, different level administrator can operate under the limits of authority, which is convenient for the system management.

Historical fire, emergency, fault and operations can be recorded.

Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentIndoor:-10°C ~ 55°C,relative humidity:≤95%(40°C±2°C,no condensation)
Operating voltageAC220V±10%/50Hz
Rated power100W
Emergency working period180 minutes
Protective levelIP30
Wiring modeTwo-bus system
PrinterSpecial micro printer
StandardGB17945-2010 (Chinese CCCF)