Wireless Fire Alarm System

Combustible gas detector


Integrated multi - function of natural gas detection, human voice broadcast, indoor temperature display and calendar .

Ultra-keen smell, real time displays the current density value when the natural gas density exceeds 3%LEL.

90dB high volume human voice alarm, the contents will vary with different gas density.

Configured with low consumption of heat electronic infrared sensor to display power on and off by detecting human body to control LCD.

It adopts imported Japan Figaro sensor and built-in CPU with high performance, stable working and long lifespan.

Technical Parameters:
Working VoltageAC 110/220 V
Power ConsumptionNormal monitoring ≤3W; Power on and alarm status≤6W
Operating Temperature0℃~55℃
Relative Humidity≤95%, non condensation
Applicable GasMethane (Natural gas)
Alarm Setting Value5%LEL
The Whole Measuring Range0%LEL~15%LEL
Alarm Volume70dB~115dB
Response Time≤30S, self-recovery
Working Life≥5 years ( in clean air )
WeightAround 130g
Outline Dimension93mm×93mm×51mm, housing material: plastic
Installation Method