Gas Extinguishing Control Panel


Product features

As a new type digital-value fire alarm control panel & Gas Releasing control panel, JB-QBL-QM300/4E has 324
alarm control points, and also four zone gas release control boards, characterized by the fully mixed detector/
module, polarity-free and two buses. Together with the spot manual/ automatic box, emergency start/ abort button,
Horn/Strobe, gas release indicator light, weight loss display panel, start gas cylinder and fire extinguishing agent
bottle, it forms a complete gas fire extinguishing control system meeting the requirements of GB 4717-2005 Fire
AlarmControl panel and GB 16806-2006 Fire AlarmLinkage Control System.

Technical Parameters:
Operating VoltageInput voltage:AC220V±20%,50Hz;Input power:≤120W Backup battery:DC24V;7.0AH(Consist of two DC12V7.0Ah in series battery),totally enclosed maintenance free battery
Length of circuitLoop bus 2-wire system, loop bus length≤ 1,000m
Capacity Number of fire fighting zone: at most 4 fire fighting zones, depending on user requirement.
JB-QBL-QM300/4E systemcapacity: 324 points (polarity-free two buses, fully mixed)
Contact capacity of relayAll relay: 7A/24VDC
Output circuit current limitationElectromagnetic drive:≤3A;Other drive:≤1A
Operating environmentIndoors, Temperature -10℃~+55℃,relative humidity≤95%(40℃±2℃ non condensing)