Fire Alarm System (EN54)

I/O module


Product Feature 

LPCB approval.

Semi-flush or surface mount.

Lever reusable (non-glass break).

LED indicator.

Full soft addressing, and rewriting through CODER-9001 encoder in site.

Technical Parameters:
Executive standardEN54-18
Operation voltageloop DC24V (non-polarity);power DC24V(non-polarity)
Static currentloop current<0.8mA; power current<2mA
Action currentloop current<5mA; power current<15mA
Capacity of the output control contact<2A@DC30V
Operating indicatorThe inspecting indicator blinks once about every 12 seconds in the inspection status or remain lit in the output status; the input indicator will remain lit in the feedback status
Operating environmentIndoors, Temperature: -10℃ ~ 55℃; RH: ≤95% (40 ℃±2℃, non condensing)
Dimension86×86×41(mm, With base)
Weightabout 148g(With base)