Fire Alarm System (EN54)

Point-type Photoelectric Smoke Detector


Product features

LPCB & CPR approval

It supports soft addressing and rewriting the address via coder in situ.

Within a single-chip microcomputer, it can process the sampling data in real-time, save the latest 144 historical data and realize a curve tracing for the field situation.

It supports temperature, humidity and dust accumulation drift compensation and sensor fault inspection (fault reporting to fire alarm control panel). 

Non-polarity, two-wire bus connection that ensures convenient installation and maintenance. 

Designed with an upper cover and a lower cover and installed on a detector base, it can be installed, commissioned and maintained conveniently. 

Built-in remote indicator output terminal, the output signal drives remote indicator light when fire alarm.

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Technical Parameters:
Executive standardEN54-7
Operating voltage24V (pulse modulation)
Standby current<300uA
Alarm currentno remote indicator <1.5mA , has remote indicator <3.5mA
Work indicationThe red indicator will blink in the monitoring status or remain lit in the alarm status
Weightabout 128g(with Base)
Dimensiondiameter: 100mm, height: 58mm (with the base)
Wiring methodnon-polarity two-wire bus system (L1, L2); the terminal 2 and 4 can connect with the remote indicato
Operating environmentIndoors, temperature: -10℃~+55℃; relative humidity: ≤95% (40℃±2℃, without condensation)
Coding modeIt can realize soft addressing via coder in situ. Address codes 1 to 324 are available for selection
Matched host machineSEC3020 fire alarm control panel