Fire Alarm System

Graphical Display Unit


Product features:

Built-in standalone CPU, quick calculating speed.

Connect 9100 series controller by RS-485 bus, and each control panel can be with 99 units of fire display panels and KR-485 expansion cases, and each KR-485 expansion case can be with up to 50 fire display panel.

It can give sound and light alarm signal, and support fault detecting and then warning by itself.

Support set display area of fire repeater by control panel.

Special production process, the device can work at high temperature, high humidity, extremely cold, and high altitude environment.

ESD static protection level 12000V, and strong anti-interference ability.

It can display -9~89 floor fire information, and each fire repeater can display 99 pieces of fire alarm information or other feedback information.

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Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentindoors, temperature -10℃~+50℃, and the relative humidity ≤95%(40℃±2℃ without condensation)
Operating voltagebus24V,DC24V±20%
Mounting positionsWall-mount 1.3~1.5m from the ground
Contact capacitypassive: Normal open/Normal close, active: 1.25A@DC 30V