Fire Alarm System

Input/output Module


Product Features

Built-in standalone CPU, quick calculating speed.

Non-polarity two-wire bus to make wiring easy and avoid mistakes.

Special production process to make the device can work at high temperature, high humidity and high altitude.

ESD static protection grade 12000V, strong anti-interference ability.

Give the control signal to external device and receive the feedback signal from the device to judge if the external device worked, and the DC24V is needed when signal is active.

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Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentIndoors, temperature -10℃~+50℃,relative humidity ≤95%(40℃±2℃ without condensation)
Operating voltagebus 24V,DC24V±20%
Operating currentMonitoring status: <500uA, action status:<10mA
operating indicationBlinks when polling,and keeps on when alarming<< td="">
Four-wire bussignal cable±power cable
Termination load47k impedance
MountingWall-mount/module case
CodingSoft addressing