Fire Alarm System

Point type multi-sensor smoke and heat detector


Product Features:

It comprises optical smoke and thermistor temperature sensors which give both a combined signal as well as a separate heat signal for improved false alarm management.

It adopts backward scattering maze and makes it more sensitive to detect the smoke generated from burning of different materials.

Sealed robber type of heat sensitivity component enhances anti-humidity and anti-erosion. 

Three sensitivity levels of the detector are optional at the control panel to suit different environments.

Temperature rising compensation to improve responsive capacity upon different temperature rising status.

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Technical Parameters:
Operating environmentIndoors.Temperature: -10 °C - +50 °C;relative humidity: ≤ 95%,(40℃±2℃,non condensing)
Operating voltageBus 24 V 
Operating currentMonitoring current < 0.5 mA;alarm current < 1.5 mA
Sensing technologyDouble-sensing technology containing photoelectric sensor and temperature;sensor with temperature sensing type: A2
Encoding modeSoft addressing with encoding range 1-324
Wiring Non-polarity two-wire system
Operating indicationBlinks when polling, keeps on when alarming
Matched caseDZ-910
DimensionDiameter: 100 mm; height: 55 mm (with base)
CodingSoft addressing
CertificationCCC (GB 4715-2005, GB 4716-2005)