Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm control panel


Product Feature:

7" color display screen (LCD), resolution of 800×480.

Non-polarity two-wire bus, support mixed coding and identify repeated codes automatically, which can improve addresses usage rate.

Three sensitivity levels of the detector are optional at the control panel to suit different environments.

Special production process to make the device work at high temperature, high humidity and high altitude environment.

ESD static protection grade 12000V, strong anti-interference ability.

Windows/ Excel-like friendly user interface combined with keypad, mouse, key switch and USB port make operation convenient.

It provides fault and fire alarm output contacts, supports interconnection of 20 controllers of JB-QBL-9116E control units with CAN Bus and the maximum system capacity reaches up to 16×324=5184 (alarm points).

It supports network of 254 control units with Ethernet and the maximum system capacity reaches up to 254×5184=1316731 (alarm points).

Record capacity is up to 1000 historical events for each of fire, fault, request, feedback, and operation. Display fire alarm, fault, request and feedback for 500 events at real time respectively.

Output module manual start/stop facilitates the commissioning and operating.

It supports the detector/module testing individually.

It can connect a special mini-printer that is used to print operating status of the system immediately.

It can be accessed with area indicating panels, building indicating panels and floor indicating panels.

It can be connected with Graphical Display CRT contributing to display information of fire alarms intuitively.

The system carries out the hierarchy management of multi-level users and the users of different levels are granted with corresponding operating system permissions.

It is possible to update the system on field or remotely to ensure the system operates stably and reliably.

Certification:CCC (GB 4717-2005 Fire Alarm Control Panel GB 16806-2006 Fire control linkage control system).

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Technical Parameters:
Operating Voltage

Input Voltage:AC220V±20%;50HzInput consumption:≤200W

Backup BatteryDC24V
DC24V2~16 loops
Addresses of one loop324 addresses
Length of loopTwo-wire bus≤2000 meters
Network CommunicationVia CAN bus and Ethernet
Network CapacityCAN bus≤60 units,TCP/IP communication≤255 units
Operating EnvironmentIndoors, Temp. -10℃~+55℃,relative humidity≤95%(40℃±2℃ non condensing)