Create a better FS Electronics with fresh co-worker

DATE January, 21, 2017

Shenzhen summer, on fire. On July 1, 2015, sanjiang sea for more than 20 new graduates to join, to infuse new power for the development of the company again. To help them gain a better understanding of the company, familiar with enterprise culture, work life, the company in a unified manner by the company for a period of 13 days new staff training, including orientation, training, the practice of production line and so on three big content. Company general manager Mr Jinpeng, my manager Mr Wei-min wu attended the opening ceremony of the new employee training, congratulations to all students graduated at the same time, also for the students to join the sea sanjiang family warm welcome.
In the process of training, the highlight of the orientation to help them understand the company development, enterprise culture and product features, expansion of career planning, professional etiquette and communication skills such as knowledge, new employees to set foot on the sea sanjiang injected with confidence and courage, energy and power! The most touched of outward bound training to let them heart to heart, side by side, a total of Shouting, with progress, finally, striding forward running on the same target. Practice the most practical production line to let them through the rigorous process of production, experience of production line workers is not easy, understand the important of product development and design, always keep in mind that your own responsibility, let every customer, every three people at ease.
On July 17, for a period of 13 days of the new employee training is over, and new colleagues will be assigned to other departments, the official took to the job. Work to help them be familiar with the business and work independently, each department will also assign senior tutor, carefully to do a good job of mentoring.
Finally, I believe this will the arrival of the new force for the sea sanjiang inject new vitality, also ZhuFuXin colleagues in sanjiang sea career have a good start, we also look forward to the fresh blood to growing up with the sea three rivers, a total of prosperity!