Awards for Craftsmen --Title of Advanced Home for Staffs, awarded by Nanshan District Commission

DATE April, 25, 2017

There’s 1st MAY Awards Event of Nanshan District of 2017 in the Nanshan Hall on April 25, in recognition of the theme of the activities, held by the Nanshan District Commission and Nanshan District Federation of Trade Unions. Fanhai Sanjiang was invited to attend the event, and was titled the "Advanced Home for Staffs".

At this site, Mr. Wang Tongxin, the deputy party secretary and vice chairman of Shenzhen Municipal Federation of Trade Unions ,Mr. Mai Linguang, People's Congress Standing Committee Director of Nanshan District , Mr. Chen Jun, CPPCC Chairman of Nanshan District, Mr. Zeng Pai,  Deputy Secretary and Politics and Law Committee Secretary of Nanshan District, , Ms. Rao Honglei, Standing Committee and Minister of Ministry of Organization of Nanshan District, , Ms. Lu Yuping, deputy director of People's Congress Standing Committee and District Federation of Trade Unions Chairman of Nanshan District , , and other officers and staff representatives, nearly 700 people attended the event.

The reason Sanjiang maintains steady development of more than 30 years, lies in the strict requirement of technology innovation, quality control, cultivation on employees, and caring for humanity from management. Since its setup, Fanhai Sanjiang always implements the core of people-oriented thinking, creates the tolerance, united, positive and unique company culture, and carries out activities like outward bound development, clubs, training and career education, tourism and many other events yearly for employees, to help them with career development planning, and increases employees’ well being and sense of belonging Fanhai Sanjiang Trade Union focuses to the staff satisfaction as the core of work, combines the ideas of "building Union" and "building home", so that employees really feel the union "Staffs’ home" likely, Trade Union officers are reliable family members, and constantly enhance the attractiveness and cohesion of trade union organizations.

Representatives of Fanhai Sanjiang

The honor of "Advanced home for staffs" is issued by the Community Board and Federation of Trade Unions of Nanshan District, it is high praise for Fanhai Sanjiang’s staff-centric trade union, as well as its unique corporate culture. Under the guidance and supervision of the Nanshan District Federation of Trade Unions, Fanhai Sanjiang will strengthen the building of corporate culture, and comprehensively enhance the staffs’ mental outlook, so that all Sanjiang people feel the care of family like, feel the warmth and strength from "Advanced home for staffs", have the ability and passion to work with more positive for the public security.