Cooperation between colleges and enterprises, and complement advantages to promote the construction of fire safety society

DATE April, 19, 2017

The Fire Safety Committee of Nanshan District and the Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College held a cooperative education signing ceremony, participating in the construction of majority of Fire safety management which officially settles in Shenzhen vocational college and united by the government, college and enterprise. Assistant of Fanhai Sanjiang General Manager, Mr. Cao Zijiang was invited to attend the opening ceremony of "Shenzhen Training Base of Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang ElectronicsCo.,Ltd." .      

Mr. Jia Xingdong, principle of the college, Mr. Xiao Shuanghong, the fire supervision of Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau , Mr. Hua Zhenqiang, deputy director of Nanshan District/ Fire Security Committee Director/ Nanshan Public Security Bureau Director, City Board of Education, the city's fire supervision and management brigade of districts, Safety Supervision Bureau of districts, Education Bureau of Districts, Construction Bureau of Districts, the Nanshan District Street Office, the people in charge of the police station, enterprises’ representatives, teacher and student representatives, in a total of 140 people attended the signing ceremony.                 

Mr. Hua Zhenjiang, the Vice Mayor of Nanshan District, Fire Security Committee of Nanshan Director, Public Security Bureau of Nanshan Director, he said at the ceremony: "The fire safety is related to numberless households, its importance is self-evident. Now the Nanshan District, even Shenzhen and the country are facing shortage of Fire professional staffs and lack of introduction in long term, fire safety specialization and social management level lagging behind, and far from the pace of rapid urban development. The need for innovative human resource training and widening the channel of talent people is urgent. Government, universities, enterprises tripartite cooperation is not only an innovative mechanism and pushing fire safety management in Nanshan District, but also to enhance the overall level of fire safety management. I hope the relevant partners  strengthening communication and cooperation, exploring new issues and technologies of fire safety management deeply, promoting social fire Safety management level continuously. ” 

"Shenzhen Training Base of Shenzhen Fanhai Sanjiang Electronics Co., Ltd. " opening ceremony. 

As the industry's leading supplier of fire safety products, Fanhai Sanjiang enjoys so many accumulated and successful technical experiences. Via the close cooperation of government and college, we take the first step to start the fire safety course in the country, this will enable us to achieve complementary advantages, sources sharing, mutual benefits and win-win goal, to improve the construction of fire safety talents, fire safety management, technical services, integration of production and education, and training to form joint forces, and driving force for the further development of China's fire safety industry.