SANJIANG attended the MSIP Exhibition

DATE March, 24, 2017

SANJIANG was invited to attend the 23rd SIP Exhibition, which is held from 21st to 24th March, 2017. With the zeal and persistence for the public security career, SANJIANG staff showed the brand feature to the overseas customer and industry peer, though it is still cold in Russia. 

MSIP is the biggest and most representative international business event in Russia and CIS countries in the security & Fire alarm industry, which is also the local market entrance for the international renowned manufacture. According to the related research and statics, Russia market annual capacity for the security equipment is more than1.5 billion USD, the economic rapidly growing and the enormous market requirements make the market become one of the fastest growing district in the global security & Fire alarm industry.

During the exhibition, SANJIANG demonstrated series Independence Smoke detector, wireless fire alarm system, Gas extinguish control system and linkage fire alarm control system . As one of the few Chinese brand in the Fire safe exhibition area, SANJIANG’s participation attract lots of international and Russia local fire safe and security industry insider.

At the SANJIANG Booth, based on the Lora wireless communication fire alarm system attract the visitors’ attention. The system featured with low power consumption, Long distance transmit, narrow bandwidth and low-cost design, which promoted the transmit distance to 2Km in the Urban environment, and single site capacity is more than 10000 points. As the pioneer for long distance wireless communication in fire alarm system, the visitors expressed keen interests, and spoke highly of it. 

Outstanding quality, High safety performance, SEC3002 System is

 Matched to the German quality 

 “Strong configuration design, High safety performance, the same quality as German standard”, the visitor speak highly of SEC3002 Addressable fire alarm control system after visiting. SEC3002 is SANJIANG new designed Addressable Fire alarm control system, the system is complied to EU standard, which can meet overseas market requirement.

The quality develop along with the function, SANJIANG independence detector achieved the overseas customer recognition

The independence detector is the another star products in the exhibition, especially the 05T Combustible gas detector, as it integrate the function of natural gas detecting, indoor temperature indicating, and real-time display. As well, the domestic smoke detector with the long working life design for 3years, 5years and 10 years is popular in the exhibition

In recently years, depended on the accurate and comprehensive marketing strategy, SANJIANG stepped into a high developing period. In 2016, the yearly turnover increasing ratio is more than 35%. Accompanied by the business scale and marketing sharing rapid increasing, SANJIANG speed up the blue ocean overseas market exploring, it is imperative to strengthen the International market expanding. 

SANJIANG have achieved initial success by the marketing expanding in India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle east and East Europe, relied on the high quality service and products, SANJIANG wins more and more overseas partner trust and favor.