SANJIANG Held 2016 Annual Work Summary and Staff Commendation Conference Solemnly

DATE January, 17, 2017

On 16th Jan. 2017, SANJIANG held the 2016 annual work summary and staff commendation conference in Hongfeng hotel. The leaders, Mr Peng Jin, general manager, Mr Qingqing Yuan, vice general manager, Mrs Deyun Song, vice general manager, Mr Linggang Huang, chief engineer and around 200 key employees as well as excellent representatives attended the meeting.

This conference summarized in detail about SANJIANG’s outstanding achievements gained in the fields of products R&D, sales performance, market development, manufacturing and production etc. in 2016. According to the statistics, Sanjiang Company has achieved the performance in 2016 that the gross revenue increased by 35% and the net profit increased by 28% in the same period compared with that of last year.

At the beginning of the meeting, the general manager Mr Peng Jin of SANJIANG highly affirmed outstanding achievements which made in the multiple fields in 2016 and he also summarized and generalized from four aspects of employee size, market development, challenge and chance, corporate strategy layout. Mr Jin said, “The rapid growth of company can not be separated from a high-quality talent team including specialists of technology and marketing. Under the unremitting efforts of all the Sanjiang people, the service scope of SANJIANG is radiating to the whole China gradually from south China and opening overseas market which has won more and more trust of partners.”

As for the strategic layout for the future, Mr Jin emphasized, ”In December 2016, our company has moved to a new development stage when we prepared for listing. To make company more bigger, more stronger, more excellent is the same target of all the Sanjiang people. Only by improving ourselves can we seize the opportunity. In 2017 year, SANJIANG will further strengthen internal management; continuously carry out the idea of opening cooperation and continuous innovation; actively layout a diversified development pattern; and explore more market opportunities and economic growth point.”

Later, the vice general manager, Mr Qingqing Yuan made a speech to start the part of  outstanding staff awards of 2016. In this meeting, there are totally 58 excellent individuals and groups gained the honor of “excellent staff”, “service model”, “advanced group” etc. which covers many departments such as production, research and develop, sales and technical service. 

At the end of the conference, the leaders of company conveyed their new year’s wish to all the staffs and their families. Mr Jin emphasized, “As long as we make concerted efforts, join hands to work together, we are able to release Sanjiang person’s own power, transform risks to chances, change pressure to power, fulfill our mission, achieve our goal and start our new business!”