SANJIANG fire alarm application in the city underground comprehensive pipeline

DATE January, 06, 2017

Wuhan CBD locates in wangjiadun, jianghan district, which will be a mega commercial hub which integrated business, culture, Expo, living as a whole after constructed. At the underground of business district, a 6.1 kilometer comprehensive pipeline has been finished. In order to make the pipeline safe, both of SANJIANG fire alarm system and gas extinguishing system will be used in this project, and supervise the pipeline space fire risk, and provide a safe and reliable fire protection to comprehensive pipeline.

Comprehensive pipeline is a tunnel space, which integrated power, communication, fuel gas, heat system and drain system etc. as a whole, and it has a professional access hole, lifting hole and detection system, and carries out integrated plan, integrated design, integrated construction and management, which is an important infrastructure and“lifeline”for city operation.

Comprehensive pipeline is the important facility of the city, and the internal electric system, drain system and gas system etc. have a close relationship with human, so the security and stability is vital. Due to too many systems at underground comprehensive pipeline, such as telecom cable pipeline, electricity and cable pipeline, water supply pipeline, heating power pipeline, polluted rainwater and drain pipeline etc, all kinds of pipelines mixed together, and it is easy to disturb each other, specially electric cable. If fire happened, it is difficult to call the police and put out a fire, in this case, it will cause a big economic loss.

In order to detect fire at comprehensive pipeline timely, and minimize the loss of life and property, SANJIANG works with many construction developers, and has improved our automatic fire alarm, gas extinguishing system etc. accordingly, and applied in the underground comprehensive pipeline projects of wuhuan, haikou city etc. SANJIANG fire alarm terminal devices can transmit the signal to duty room, and trigger other fire alarm devices to put out a fire if there was emergency at the comprehensive pipeline. At the same time, it’s not suitable to use sprinkler because of massive cables, wires at the comprehensive pipeline here. SANJIANG gas extinguish control system can be triggered once received fire alarm signals.

Along with Chinese policy, china pays more attention to underground comprehensive pipeline for cities, and as the leading fire alarm enterprise, SANJIANG will constantly devote itself to fire alarm system technology development and improvement, and creating a safe situation for cities underground comprehensive pipeline.